Craigslist Bangkok and Top 3 Popular Classified Websites in Thailand.

Let’s find the Craigslist Bangkok Alternatives, The Top 3 Popular Classified Website in Thailand to let your services and stuffs go fast and wide.

Craigslist Bangkok – The Popular Classified Website

Craigslist Bangkok is the well know classified website for services and stuff selling to foreigners. However, if you want your stuff to go fast, you may need to find more websites that have large visitors. Here we are, the compilation of the top 3 Popular classified website for foreigners in Thailand.

Top 3 Popular Classified Websites in Thailand

1. – The Alternative to Craigslist Bangkok

Kaidee is a Thai word means best seller, the buy-sell second hand website who develop the best platform for Thai people. It is easy to use, convenient, and fast. will bring you the largest number of buyers nationwide.

2. – The Alternative to Craigslist Bangkok is a Craigslist Bangkok Alternative website. It is free for postings an advertising or selling stuff. Their categories are covering all products and services, for sale and for rent. 

3. – The Alternative to Craigslist Bangkok is also an alternative to Craigslist Bangkok. You can advertise your property, car, motorbike or business for sale for free. Farangmart is a classified ad listing for foreigners in Thailand.